Crack in its most essential form: fast, cheap and addicting.
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FreeCell (in the Windows version) makes the claim that "It is believed (though not proven) that all games are winnable"

This statement is false, and indeed, was known to be false by the game's author , Jim Horne. The windows version contains 32000 of the 52!/(4!)^2 possible games of FreeCell, and most of them are indeed winnable. All but number 11982.

Also, as a joke, Horne included two games (numberes -1 and -2) which are very obviously unsolvable.

For lots of cool information on FreeCell and its game theory, see http://members.aol.com/wgreview/fcfaq.html


The FAQ is a bit weird; it mentions Napoleon At St. Helena as a predecessor of FreeCell, and Forty Thieves as J. Random other solitare game...but I've read at least one book where Forty Thieves was another name for Napoleon At St. Helena...

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