Not a suite affiliation so much as a state of mind...it's not even restricted to FrOsh, yo.

Qualities often correlated with FroshClone-y goodness (a very loose definition):

It has been observed that the inhabitants of the three-dimensional portion of FroshCloneSuite (that is, FroshClones 1 through 4a) tend to appear in threes, with the fourth sleeping or in FroshChem lab or what have you. Note that this observation does not always hold, and counterexamples do exist (unlike TheBrubeck's clearly forged photos of EliBogart and LizzieKadison during AreYouWatchingTheChai).

And no, the FroshClones are not limited to (however many there are today)...Certainly, ManyOthers are eligible for the title.

NeedsRewriting, don't it?

Of course, it also bears stating that these particular attributes, while definetly true for a specific case of FroshClone-eness, are in no way actually requisite for general-case FroshClone instance. The only actual requirement is finding a bunch of random frosh that all look kinda like each other and set them in close proximity to each other without letting on of any distinguishing personality or other charecteristics that might be used to tell them apart.

Just felt I'd throw that out.

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