It sucks. A lot. Or at least it did my (class of 2006) frosh year.

It probably still sucks, since it's still a physics lab, too.

I would say that frosh physics lab is a heck of a lot less assy than sophomore physics lab. After all, in the former, at least you stand a chance of having covered what you're doing in the lab. - ChainMaille

I made a bunch of video tutorials on introductory ProbStat? and ErrorPropagation at http://lookatphysics.com (sorry, putting this link here is kind of spammy, but I thought people making it to this page would be interested) - DavidLiao (2012 May 12)

As of 2022 FroshPhysicsLab is now SophPhysicsLab?, and it still absolutely sucks ass - EllenFerranto

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