At the beginning of spring semester of 2008, a group of eight female frosh (four from EastDorm and four from CaseDorm) switched roommates.
Over the course of one Friday afternoon, one frosh from each of the four rooms involved packed up all of her things and moved.

Adri's former roommate, MadeleineOng, moved across the suite and in with SabreenLakhani.
Sabreen's former roommate, AlexReynolds?, moved out to CaseDorm in with KannyWan?.
Kanny's roommate, AnnJohnston, moved to another L in CaseDorm and in with AmhaHarrison?.
Amha's former roommate, CaitlinJacques, moved into EastDorm and in with AdriSebree.

This epic room switch became known as the FroshRoomFireDrill

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