I (LydiaSylla) realized there is a page for lounge quotes, so I've started one for Frounge quotes. I'm adding the ones I have so far to this page and will update it until I forget or get lazy. AliKhan has some quotes saved too but he doesn't like to share them.

“Important life lessons are learned by rummaging around in people’s stuff.” -CharlesDawson

“I care about all people, except for the ones that Charles murders.” -EvanHubinger

“I was a nicer person back when I was four.” TommySchneider

“A voodoo practitioner told my mother I was the spawn of the devil.” -KateWoolverton

“I used to cut my dolls open.” -KateWoolverton

“Speaking of persistent lies…” -CharlesDawson

"Do unborn fetuses count as rabbits or people?" -EvanHubinger

EvanHubinger: "Does anyone disagree with that?" MaggieGelber: "Yes." EvanHubinger: "You're wrong."

"Bromium" -EvanHubinger

"When in doubt, middle finger.” -AliKhan

"I'm actually very concerned about the heat death of the universe. That's why I never shuffle things." -TommySchneider

"Morning! I'm just off to shoot somebody!" -LydiaSylla

"EVERYTHING'S equal to one!" -KateWoolverton

"You can't win them all, but you can lose them all." -AliKhan

"Parentheses are hard to use when you're talking." -EvanHubinger

"Did your code's parents not love it as a child??" -AliKhan

"I hear the words "key lime" and I just want to punch something." -KateWoolverton

"I was told not to print out the slides, so I did." -MaggieGelber

"You know what they say about writing: you think you're a small pond in a big lake, but you're really just a tadpole in a body of water." -TommySchneider

"I have the memory of an elephant on Adderall." -CharlesDawson

"Guys, look, I'm a snake!" -Sleep deprived MaggieGelber with wheelie chairs

"Can we zip tie someone?" -MaggieGelber

"Here, that belongs to Kate." -Kate, meaning Maggie

"I'm an accomplice to a crime." -Kate

"Kate" -Kate (Kate)

CharlesDawson: "Oh no, you've murdered me." LydiaSylla: "Oops!"

"He eats people and it's hilarious!" -TommySchneider

"I wonder what ammonia tastes like.” -WilliamTeav

"Real 2s have curves!" -AliKhan

"You know there are sexy evil Hitlers too." -TommySchneider

"Philosophical flavor is like the Nutella of Snapchat." -CharlesDawson

"We all like altruism, but only in other people." -CharlesDawson

"I felt the blood running down my throat and I just laughed at it!" -Frosh

"Happy sleep, unless of course it's forcibly induced by anesthetic." -CharlesDawson

"One of the unspoken rules of the Frounge is hypocrisy." -KatieGruenhagen

"Charles is 50% tiger; you can't fuck with Charles." -AliKhan

"I'm going to bounce ideas off of you, and by ideas I mean pencils." -AliKhan

"If at first you don't succeed, you may be paralyzed." -Luis, to Charles as he jumped from a balcony

"My dad collects all the clocks he can so he can hear his own mortality." -KateWoolverton

"Also, polygamy's okay." -SaraMcAllister

"She marches to the beat of her own guitarist." -TommySchneider, about KateWoolverton

"Lined dorm: funnily enough, decorated with polka dots." -JonahRubin

"What if I don't believe in Creation...s? Can I have something besides a quesadilla?" -TommySchneider

Frosh 1: "What time is it?" Frosh 2: "Thursday"

"See, I think you could kill someone with Parmesan, but certainly not with a brie." -JonahRubin

"Alright, I need to go and think of imaginative ways to kill my writ prof." -JonahRubin

"Oh my god, we've joined a cult." -Many, many people

"What is the cultural significance of a wombat?" Upperclassman?

"Follow your heart, Kate. Follow your heart. Unless it's wrong. Then don't." -Ali

"It's like burping a baby, but the baby screams at a high pitch." - Charles

"I don't need to relive this." -Kate talking about Science Olympiad

"There is no innocent until proven guilty; it's guilty. Always." -Maggie

“Wait, am I summoning Satan?” --Tommy

"Okay, okay, wait wait wait. This is a bad idea." -Evan, as Kate prepared to microwave a grape

"I'm pretty sure I have some Air-Change-The-Smell-Of here somewhere." - Kate

"Hi, welcome to East! Nothing is wrong, everything is fine!" - Jonah

"The best defense is an immediate, suspicious, and overzealous offense." - Jonah

"There's definitely something disconnected, and it looks important."

"You know what's a fun set of coefficients for polynomials? Other polynomials!" -Tommy

Frosh 1: How do you plead? - Evan Frosh 2: Amphibious. I plead amphibious. - Kate

"I am become frequentist statistics, destroyer of science!" -Evan

"Oh god, there's fire everywhere!"

"But Kate, you could have the riches of hell!" -Evan

"There's already a body..."

"Hhhhuuuhhh! I made a breathe!" - Tommy

"It doesn't even use a hash bang to specify." *rolls eyes* - Evan

"Oh, "possess" like slavery, I thought "possess" like demonic. -Tommy

"I was trying to have a conversation but I realized there was too much toothpaste in my mouth so I couldn't." - Maggie

"I'm just holding your shoulder, bro. And caressing it slightly." -Teresa

Evan: Sara's a blasphemer. And possibly in danger. -Evan Sara: What? -Sara Tommy: Sara needs context. And probably bodyguards. -Tommy

"Tickling is a socially acceptable form of torture." - Tommy

"Reality bends around you, you fucking main character!" -Ali, probably

"Oh, I'm a big fan of comma splicing." [I’m pretty sure comma splicing was banned during the Geneva convention, or something. -Tommy] - Maggie

“To the funeral!!”

"Whoever gets stabbed to death first loses." -God or Evan

"I shoot him. Quietly. With a submachine gun." -Jonah. Definitely Jonah.

"Are you worried about the lime cultists?" -Everyone in terrifying unison

"I don't even know anymore, I'm just going to go chew on a log." - Ali

"The roof is pretty shit out of ten." -Luis

"You should find more creative ways to call your teachers idiots." -Tommy (?) → Sounds like good advice and I endorse it whomever said it. -Tommy

"30 degrees is actually the apocalypse." -Californians

"I'm so confused every time I learn something here." - Carissa (sp?)

"It's the Frounge holiday special; something's going to go horribly wrong!" -Maggie

"Oh look, the naked dude's doing a different pose now." - Evan

"It's not lying, it's telling the truth in a novel way." - Me!

"You've got shits, and you've got fucks, and they're everywhere." - Adam

"I've known people who had sepsis, and they were fine." - Kate

"If you want more semantic rigor, that can be accommodated in future." - Jonah

"So a cow is just a black and white cat that produces milk?" - Tommy

"The day pigs fly is the day the sky is blue, that's what I always say."

"I'm going to go punch a panda." - Ali

"My father refrigerates chips." - Kate

"Have you ever gotten into a dictionary fight? It's the best." - Charles

Jacob: That sounds concerningly French. -Jacob Kate: It IS concerningly French. -Kate

"Pudding is not easy to eat with a fork.

Oh wait yeah it is.

It's fine." -Tommy

Mind-bogglingly awkward: like wading through chest high spaghetti in junior high. - Tommy & Charles

"The Internet? I can't go on the Internet!" - Kate

"Take that, society!" - Kate

"Don't let your dreams be dreams; let them be your epitaph."

"There are so many ways to blow up an airplane, I'm surprised more people don't do it."

"We rise and fall to meet other's expectations of us." -Ali

“Well all the dead cats are at Caltech, we know that.” -Evan

“Not everything about murder was said by me, Maggie.” -Jonah

“Yeah, so I signed up for ISIS.” -Kate


“Or you could just eat zinc, like my mother always says.” -Ali

“Hopefully what's bothering you is not cancer.” -Evan

“Outside of San Francisco is the worst part!” -Teresa

“When I was little I dropped a puppy.” -Kate

“You should check your beliefs, I think they're wrong.” -Evan

“What if when people thought something was funny, they started literally cracking?” -Kate

“They’re parallel, not fast same.” -Mary Clare

“I have heard that some people can operate autonomously from a group.” -Kate


“Well, the world’s a pretty fucked up place, but at least the chem prelab is going all right.” -Charles

“The advantage of bread is that we don't need to go out and kill animals.” -Evan

“Don't be a rat and be 3% sugar!” -Ali

“There is definitely a try, the Jedi are idiots!” -Jonah

“It depends on the cat and the drum, but one would probably take more damage than the other.” -Aaron

“[Lying is] the main thing I’m learning here at Harvey Mudd.” -Kate

“You may have done something not so good.” -Evan

“Arson is the only way to spice life up sometimes.” -Jonah

“Make it more flammable! For the children!” -Mary Clare

“I literally just came in here to staple papers. Goodbye.” -Katie

Tommy: Whoa, Mary Clare, I didn't realize you were in the room. Mary Clare: Me neither!

“Why Evan, why are we going to kill it??” -Kate

Evan: I’m an egotheist. Jonah: that's the perfect blend of monotheism and megalomania.

“They’re only delusions of grandeur if they aren't true.” -Jonah

“Don't worry, I have a lot of pilots.” -Jonah

“I release the chickens! -Mary Clare

“We’re night hacking. In the night.” -Evan

“This was the chillest class, it was called “Journey to Hell”.” -Teresa

“The key to being happy is tying your happiness to frequent events.” -Charles

“Believe me, you're already panicking, you don't need to roll for that.” -Evan

“Wait, are you a TOMATO cultist?” -Evan

“Eat hydrochloric acid, scum!” -Adam

“I’m pretty sure if you get hit by space debris it doesn't matter what size space debris.” -Jonah

“We’ve discovered a thriving colony of fuckboy.” -Ali

“I’m under no obligation to be consistent here, Kate.” -Charles

“I don't think I look like an “MC Smash”.” -Mary Clare

“That’s a really nice well-functioning democratic government you’ve got there. It’ll be a shame when we inevitably destroy it.” -Jonah

“It would be fun to firebomb the senate.” -Kate

“By outwards, I mean towards the center. Which is inwards.” -Maggie

Kate: Sit there and be happy. Charles: Or else!

“We maintain the happiness level in the Frounge by exterminating anyone below it.” -Evan

“Remember, if you die in a metaphor, you die in real life.” -Ali

“A world without Ali is like a world without Ali.” -Evan

“Beans” “Giraffe” -Evan and Ali simultaneously in a discussion of non sequiturs

“Why did you scratch the eyes out of all of your pictures? Because according to quantum mechanics they’re observers too!” -Ali

“Today is Tuesday, right?” -Evan, on Monday

“Frequentist is the utmost of derogatory terms.” -Evan

“So is Christianity a zombie story?” -Tommy

“Isn't skin just like really long pants? Kinda like footy pajamas?” -Teresa

Evan: where does Stockholm syndrome come from? Kate: Stockholm

“Jakarta is in Evan's room.” -Teresa

“Dying of dehydration is good.” -Charles

“All my life is based around being better than Dave.” -Ali

“Just come to the Frounge before I stab you Jonah.” -Ali

“I’m making a dirty bomb with a cat.” -Jonah

“Why are there so many plant babies in nose?” -Evan

“Satanic rituals are perfectly alright.” -Charles

Charles: Sara Frounged bubble wrap. Kate: I can't eat that! *storms out in a huff*

“You can have a potato, but it will cost you your clothing.” -Charles

“It’s not a French fry if it's purple.” -Kate

“I mean, I can piss myself whenever I want, but I’m not going to prove it to you.” -Adam

“He does in fact manage to piss himself.” -Luis

“Is that a piece of fluff or do I need to scream?” -Kate

“I don't take unnecessary wrists.” -Jonah

“I can't remember what cream cheese is.” -Evan

“Rabies is really cool!” -Kate

“No!! I forgot clothes!” -Maggie

“The Dibs have violated conservation of mass guys.” -Charles

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