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We serve FruitSmoothies at Funball. We have served FruitSmoothies at DisO?. We served FruitSmoothies at the BigBang?. Every time we are throwing a party, people sit down and debate just what ratio of fruit and juice is needed and how much should be obtained. Even when we have records of what was obtained for the most recent party, no one ever seems to remember what was actually used and what was left over. This is silly.


SarahLoeb and SarahFletcher went to Costco and obtained

We served Tropical Blend smoothies and Berries and Cream smoothies (and RootBeer? floats). We had two blenders, one dedicated to each kind of smoothie, and kept the top of the bar stocked with all three kinds of drinks, so people could just come by and grab one. This system worked really well, especially since we had a larger volume of people than we have at typical EastieParties?.

We ran out of Strawberries at about midnight and ran out of the Fesitival of Fruit blend at about 12:30. We then started serving MangoNectar? and CranRaspberry? floats. At the end of the night we had 4 unopened gallons of Mango Nectar and 6 unopened bottles of CranRaspberry?.


Tropical Blend Smoothies (Served at the BigBang?)

You will want ~ 8lbs of fruit for every gallon of juice.

Berries and Cream Smoothies (Served at the BigBang?)

You will want ~9 lbs of fruit for every gallon of juice.

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