In 1999-2000, FunBallSuite was a FourDimensionalSuite in EastDorm. (Rather than a collection of rooms, it was a loose affiliation of people who share a certain FunBallNature. These are the FunBallPeople.)

In occasional fits of organization, members of the suite would throw a FunBallParty.

In 2000-01, Funball became a two-story ThreeDimensionalSuite, located in all four of the FishBowl doubles.

StinkingDogInn joined forces with FunBallSuite in taking over the back hall of EastDorm. We're thinking of calling our new turf StinkingBallHalla. This also means that we were no longer roommates or suitemates, but HallyBuddies??

For an idea of the "activities" of FunBallSuite, see ThePyrosWhoDontDoAnything.

Check out [1] (defunct) for an attempt at a suite website.


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