A GameChallenge is some self-imposed variant on a VideoGame that makes it much more difficult. This is generally accomplished by removing some abilities from the character's list, but occasionally is done by requiring a certain path to go through, or a certain time limit, etc. They are usually more complicated than the standard "no dying on level whatever" challenges, and are generally things that the average person wouldn't think of.

One of the more famous GameChallenges is the FourWhiteMageChallenge, which is to beat FinalFantasyOne with four white mages as your party.

A list (feel free to add more if you can think of them):

And then there are a number of creative challenges for assorted RoguelikeGames...

NetHack actually goes so far as to keep a conduct list for your character so that if you happen to complete the game while fulfilling the criteria for one of the more popular challenge games, you'll know about it. The following is an incomplete list of challenges mentioned on rec.games.roguelike.nethack, some of which the game does keep track of...

All of these have been successfully completed (except as noted) (!).

AngBand also lends itself to a few handicaps (some of which may now be enforced with game options):

Artifactless has been done several times, as has from-the-top no shops. At least one person has beaten nightmare mode. The artifactless bookless ranger (a high elf) won.

This page made me lose TheGame (>.<)

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