A gaming console of the same generation as the PlayStationIi, the XBox, and the DreamCast?. The Gamecube is NinTendo?'s representation in this generation. It suffers a bit from being a pure gaming console (whereas its two relevant opponents both play DVDs and do other nifty things although some of us consider the substantially lower price tag to be a more than fair trade-off), as well as from the misperception that Nintendo only creates games for kids.

This is, quite obviously, wrong. There are plenty of adult games (e.g. the ResidentEvil? series, or EternalDarkness?) as well as plenty of games that don't feel they need to have lots of blood and gore to appeal to adult gamers (e.g. SuperSmashBrothersMelee, possibly the best party game ever created). possibly? Yeah - many people, myself possibly included, still consider the original SuperSmashBrothers to be better.--AdamField The Gamecube has a wide range of genres available; its only glaring lack is in the roleplaying area. The primary problem it has is that the PlayStationIi was able to draw on a truly massive library of PlayStation games; the Gamecube can't do the same for NintendoSixtyFour? games because of the transition from catridge to disc.

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