GeoffRomer is currently a senior at HarveyMuddCollege as a ComputerScience major. He lives in E170/174. Well, sort of. He is dating BrieFinger?, in connection with whom he was voted "Dorm WhippedBoy?" by EastDormSchmack. He doesn't know why, and isn't sure he wants to know. He used to live in FunBallSuite, and before that, HypercubeSuite. By good luck and well-timed advice, he managed to be a BackHallTroll as a freshman (but he has been showered for it, and considers that sin purged).

GeoffRomer is a certifiable MovieNut, and has a large, ever-growing MovieCollection. EastDormConcessions gives him a constructive outlet for these tendencies, sort of like how they let the people in a lunatic asylum take up painting.

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