Glayvin is all that is and will ever be. The glayvin can neither be created nor destroyed, as the glayvin is much greater than the physical and whatnot.

Can I get a N'hey?

Factual Note: This is a catch-phrase originally invented by Jerry Lewis known both as half of Martin & Lewis and on his own for a fruitful comedy career including, most notably, The Nutty Professor (later successfully remade by Eddie Murphy). Where our own NastyMcNastSoMuch? most likely heard of it is through Professor Frink of the Simpsons (a cheap rip-off of Jerry Lewis in the form of a nebbishy professor). It's essentially meaningless. -BenjAzose

I didn't realize I was my own NastyMcNastSoMuch?. Sounds incestuous (what are you doing, Cal?!) --JulieWortman

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