Go Team is a suite consisting of a number of old residents of East, and is short for:

Team Beatdown Ranting MORE VODKA OverKILL?! game ON!, Hippie-Lovin', nothing but trouble, excess baggage, say WHAT?!? always thinkin', endlessly scheming*, boNUS, Backhall South TheSis - not even Viking Gay Bar, Clearly.

-- and sounds like they really ought to play Go...

*Rob and Anna (the Prestazogs) would be proud.

Physical members include ChrisHanusa, TracyvanCort, and Mart!n Smith-Martinez. Our suite keeps dwindling. It's very sad.

Members in Spirit include AllisonMcCaffrey, Jon deArmas (Cuban Jon), ShamikMaitra, MattBrubeck, and, Ralph Wiggum, Zool, TheMonkies? (they're like TheBunnies?).

We're all mental members of GoTeam!

monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey....

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