GoodBooks Include:

And yes, it is definitely worth sticking it out through Silverthorn (which I thought was sub-par)... A Darkness At Sethanon is much better. --AndrewSchoonmaker

AdamField's contributions:

Since it's going to be approximately the size of this page, I'm just going to make EvilSouthiesGoodBooks.

Seconding EvilSouthie s move on this. I added a couple books to the above list and am now making further recomendations at KLGoodBooks. Work in Progress. Cheers!

Also, CurtisVinson has squirreled away a fair number of reviews at his namesake page:

Note: Books for loan - BookCollection (in the spirit of MovieCollection)

Further Notes: ShmackBooks EastLibrary STanBookNotes ScienceFictionBookList BookSale MuddTextBooks

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