Barring global thermo-nuclear war, political assassination, and gruesome yet humerous freak accidents, Greg vaguely suspects he is going to die heroically yet unnoticed whilst attempting (unsuccessfully) to foil an evil plot to destroy Life As We Know It.

Currently a FreshMan (ie this page is old -LoganGordon), I quickly recognized the joys of SleepDep, being a CrackWhore, and how these activities pertain to pass/fail. I'm slightly nervous of the upcoming semester, recognizing the fact that it might entail some more work, and will certainly require cutting down on my HaLo intake (which is at an admittedly grotesque level). Halo is not neccessarily my favorite form of Crack, it is merely the easiest available to me (I'd like to dedicate this paragraph to Jimmy J, Kyle, Mr. T, and the respectable members of FroshCrackSuite).

On a more acedemic note, I am a prospective physics major, though I can easily see this turning into a CS-Math joint major. Now come to think of it, I recall proclaiming over lunch my desire to "major in CS5". If only. If only.

Early on this year, GregSandstrom and BenjAzose started coming up with t-shirt ideas of the theme:

Front: "I'm not [insert person of choice]." Back: [Some reason why he's not, always including the word fuck or fucking]

e.g "I'm not the Pope" "Do you see my fucking pope hat?" "I'm not Greg" "No wait, I fucking am" Add to as you see fit.

Greg: Yeah, those were the good 'ol days. Benj: what are you talking about, it was only a month ago. Greg: no it wasn't. Oh wait, if fucking was.

I've got a website: [Greg's alter-ego]
On the weekend of November the 22nd, 2003, two of Greg's friends drove up from San Diego on a random road trip ... at two in the morning. They slept in the fun ball pit, after reading a Cosmo magazine found in the lounge. As Benj legitimately noted, 50 percent of Greg's friends are weird (though Greg would beg to differ - his friend isn't weird, he's stark raving mad). It is at this point that Greg would like to point out that any views propogated by his friends are not those of Greg, and probably not of his friends, either. They just say crazy shit. Peace.
"Hey, Eric, are these your nuts?" just to be fair, that was taken a bit out of context. The nuts involved were, in fact, cashews. -Greg

 So, what you've got is a pig in a blender...

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