Scrippsie Senior (Class of 2014)

Also known as 'Sketchen'. Because it rhymes and is fitting. Is also in KosherChords. Originator of the term MudKip in reference to a Scrippsie who spends most of her time at Mudd, and is a MudKip herself. Originator of the term Muddbucks (or Starvey Muddbucks) to refer to the Starbucks-shaped alien residing on the first floor of the Shan. Is technically a FourthFloorEastie, but prefers the more general designation ThirdFloorEastie. Was also a resident of ThirdFloorAtwood for summer of 2012 in SuiteMoonshine.

Purity score of 58% as of fall semester freshman year

Purity score of 50% as of February freshman year, man I love college

Purity score of 48.2% as of fall semester sophomore year, I still love college

Purity score of 47.8% as of fall semester senior year, not much has happened.

Strong PatriNumber of 6

Weak PatriNumber of 3

WhedonNumber of 6

Has completed the StumpyChallenge

Voted Dorm "It's Dangerous to Go Alone" at Eastmas 2011, was awarded a lantern shaped like a white rabbit for being the resident paranoid Scrippsie.

"mudkip, kosher chords, yadda yadda yadda"--The Peanut-Free Gallery

Occasionally also called Gretchles or Gretchelina.


"I WILL distract you."

"Now he's all motivated. So he's an asshole."

"If we could blow on things through cameras a lot of problems would be solved."

"Josh, I promise that on your birthday I will not tell a cop that you are a cult leader who has been sexually assaulting me in the name of God Josh and that I will strive from now on to cure you (and myself) of our fear of sudden lights at night." <-- In writing for future reference


"Chem is like having a soul. Except it sucks."

Gretchen loves out-of-context quotes so much that she created the Tumblr "Overheard at Mudd", which is kindof like an anonymous LoungeQuotes that everyone can see. Submit random crap you think is funny at: http://overheardatmudd.tumblr.com/


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