So here's the concept for this node, inspired by a recent thread on Schmack: Treat it like a text adventure. We'll start off with the beginning, below. As you can see, there's a bit of intro, and then a command. Each person who edits the node can then add the resolution of the command, as well as an additional command for the next person to answer. Feel free to add more than one command and response, but don't get too carried away. And remember, if you mess up, you can always UNDO, RESTORE, or QUIT.

WikiVenture? Version n. Copyright Momar, 3001

You are standing in East courtyard, right by the funball pit. It is noon, and the courtyard is brightly lit. To your right is the funball pit; to your left is a bench. Loud noises seem to be coming from the lounge, right in front of you. Bright lights are making colored circles on the curtains over the windows. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, LOUNGE, UP, and DOUGLAS.


You go Douglas. Go Douglas! He seems encouraged, as much as someone not in the game can be.


You can't go east; you're already there.


You see Stumpy. Someone is on the gaming TV. Multiple People are procrastinating.


You decide to procrastinate. You join a game of Settlers currently in progress, first looking around to make sure Julian is nowhere in sight. Unfortunately, halfway through the game, he wanders through the lounge and accidently wins.

You gain an item: the bitter taste of crushing defeat.


You have:

the bitter taste of crushing defeat

a set of room keys

the RyanRiegelMemorialCheeseKnife

> UP

Are you sure you want to climb to the NastShelf?? (Y/N)


You climb up a ladder you've never seen before and probably will never be able to find again.

THE SECOND-STORY LOUNGE This is an odd room. It appears to be directly above the lounge, but you've never noticed it before. Strangely, it appears to be constructed entirely out of lumber. A PECCARY SKIN is sitting on the floor here. In the corner is a man who appears to be working incredibly hard on something.


MAN: The man looks up briefly from his work as you try to lift him. "Please don't." He says. "I'd hate for everyone to have to start working hard for themselves."
LUMBER: That looks like load-bearing lumber. You'd better not take it, or else the ceiling might fall and deal you a hefty schmack on the head. Besides, what would you use it for? Starting flames?


There's no way you can extricate him from that pile of books, papers, computers, lasers, underwater baskets, mass spectrometers, etc. How did all that stuff get up here, anyway?


MAN: I'm running for Frosh Class President! Would you post some posters for me? (Y/N)

> Y

"Thank you! Here are the posters."

You gain an item: Momar for President Flyers



You ask, "How reliable are condoms?" Momar tells you he doesn't know because he's too busy to test them.


MAN: I'm sorry but I'm working too hard for you to do that.


You climb down the ladder you've never seen before. Strangely, it leads you to the NastShelf?.


NASTSHELF You look around. The NastShelf? is, as the name suggests, a shelf filled with nast. You wince and try not to step in any of it. You can also see a very hungry looking vulture here.

From up here, you can also see the rest of the lounge. There's a group of people playing Settlers in the corner, as well as another group on the gaming TV. You can also see someone hidden beneath Stumpy, sleeping.


You can not find a good way to attach the poster to the vulture which allows it to be actually seen from the lounge, so you hang it from the mouse that is hanging from the vulture's neck instead. As you do so, you ponder whether the vulture is trying to fish for CS majors...


You are in the lounge. You see Stumpy with someone sleeping beneath him. A group is on the gaming TV. Another group is playing Settlers in the corner.


You try, but there isn't enough room on top of the TV. Besides, there are balance issues.


You join the gaming TV queue. Unfortunately, there are 350 people ahead of you.

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