This was a suite in EastDorm. Many a soul has spent many an hour playing VideoGames in this suite (especially SuperSmashBrothers), and they threw EastParties? and InstantParties every so often as well.

Last year's ('00 - '01) members were NateCappallo, KurtDresner, TimPrescott, and ChrisPries.

The year before, it's founding members were LucasBaker, NateCappallo, KurtDresner, and TimPrescott.

Also, an important truth... G63's my daddy (this is true for everyone).

TheNumber - click here for a description of the number that the suite is named after

Also the name of at least one of the parties thrown by said suite. The first GsixtyThree party was actually called G62 (since it was thrown during the founding members' frosh year, before the suite existed properly).

The fridge in GsixtyThree was the birthplace of the concept of DrChocolateMountainPadThai.
The suite is also less commonly known as FloodSuite. If you live in East 101 or 103, you should be aware of this.
Entirely through independent sorting, HaloSuite, new to EastDorm this year (2004) finds itself in 101 and 103. While not related at all, it could be considered the spiritual descendant of G63, seeing as its set up with four networked XBoxes open for dorm use. Hooray!


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