You are not ready to understand the HaLo.

Winter break is almost up, and I am beginning to experience proper withdrawl. Jimmy, we are going to have to get some all-nighter on when school starts again. And Mac, look out behind your base.

  -CABAL "The Silent Stalker" Maindi

Well, even a non-updated wiki page is right once a year

It should be noted that the Library sucks unbelievably less ass on a mouse and keyboard. And the music is the r0x0r?. --WillShipley

While it is undeniable that fps on console SucksRoyalMonkeyBalls?, this game is strangely addictive (what did we calculate our average HaLo time per 24 hour period to be? around 4.5?). - the 'Gregolas'

Actually, I'm going to have to deny that--AlexBobbs

Despite agreeing that fps on console SucksRoyalMonkeyBalls?, I think I prefer playing HaLo on console, as the fps of HaLo SucksRoyalMonkeyBalls? on a computer unless you have twice the recommended system (which I sadly don't). Also, 4.5 average sounds about right, since we make up for the days we don't play much by playing for 10+ most weekends. - Eric a.k.a. 'Macavenger'

It ran okay on my computer, and I'd have to say that it's much better on a Mac than a console. FPS just needs a mouse and keyboard. But still, it's nothing special. --JonathanBeall

Quick overview: You're the masterchief, this cyborg-soldier guy, and you run around and kill aliens on this ring world (kinda like from Larry Niven's Ring World series ... hmmmm...). That's about it. Oh, I guess there's a plot, but you'll not be finding spoilers here! Go to Jimmy J's room and play it (or, if you agree that fps on console SucksRoyalMonkeyBalls?, pester someone to get you a cracked computer version).

Plot overview:

The year is 2552, and the human race has unified through the UN (sounds like StarCraft, doesn't it). Overpopulation has forced humans to colonize other planets. With the backing of the UN Space Command in the colonisation effort, millions now live on extrasolar planets. One of the key colonies is the planet Reach. Situated close to Earth, Reach is an intersteller naval yard and also a hub of scientific research.

32 years ago, contact with the outer colony Harvest was lost. The UNSC sent out a battle group to investigate, but only one badly damaged ship returned. The crew told of alien warships so powerful that they easily obliterated the entire fleet.

This new alien threat, known as the Covenant, is actually several alien races united in their hatred for humanity (i.e. religious fanatacism). Humanity has been declared an affront to their religion, prompting a holy war meant to wipe out humanity (kind of like the YuuzhanVong? in StarWars)(Kind of like in StarWars how?).

Humans attempted to fight back, but suffered defeat after defeat. Their strategy turned defensive as Admiral Preston Cole of the UNSC established the Cole Protocol: no vessel may inadvertently lead the Covenant to Earth. Any ship forced to withdraw must avoid Earth-bound vectors, and any ship in danger of capture must self-destruct.

Meanwhile on Reach, a secret military project, the Spartan II project, takes on newfound importance. The bioengineered cyborg super-soldiers of Spartan II rack up impressive battle records against the Covenant, but there aren't enough of them to turn the tides of war.

Spartan II soldiers are recalled for further augmentation. A plan is developed to board a Covenant ship with the enhanced super-soldiers and learn the whereabouts of the Covenant homeworld. But two days before the operation commences, Covenant forces attack Reach. 32 of the 33 Spartan II soldiers are sent down to defend the colony, but they are overrun and the colony is obliterated. The only surviving ship, the Pillar of Autumn, escapes with last Spartan II soldier, Master Chief. With the Covenant at Earth's doorstep, the Pillar of Autumn makes a blind jump into deep space, hoping to lead the Covenant away.

But the onboard AI, Cortana, has other plans. Just before the Covenant had arrived at Reach Cortana had intercepted and decoded a Covenant transmission from the second battle of the Sigma Octanus conflict. This transmission translates into a set of coordinates that Cortana kept secret. These are the coordinates of the ring-world, Halo.

During the jump, Cortana secretly substitutes these coordinates as the ship's jump coordinates. The Pillar of Autumn exits its jump to find Halo. But before the crew can figure out what's going on, the Covenant armada bears down on them.

The battle for Halo has begun

VideoGame RedVsBlue

Played During HaloNight from 8:00 pm saturday evening till we drop (usually around 4:00 am sunday morning, where upon whe make a trip to DoughnutMan)

On March 23, 2004, what shall be known as the "temporal draw anomoly" occured on the map "longest". It was a team slayer with a kill limit set to 50. NORMALY only one team wins. The TDA was caused by simultaneous kills by Macavenger (EricBerglund) of the blue team and Logan5 (LoganGordon) of the red team. A roster of the game is as follows:

Red: Logan5, Jimmy J, Walk Man, TurdFergesn?, Antiwank

Blue: Macavenger, Warp Burn, Legolas, Coldfire, Silent JAK, WAXOR

I believe this is sufficient evidence to prove that perfectly balanced teams are possible.

Just for the record, I really miss Halo. Also for the record, do you all remember watching the halo 2 multiplayer preview with the guy who had a supposed tattoo of November 7, 2004 on his arm? Well, I don't know what provoked this, but they decided to delay the release of Halo2?. Noramlly this would really piss me off, but they only delayed it two days! Just a wierd thing I thought we should all be aware of. Some guy out there has a tattoo of a date that is now meaningless, ha!

Halo roster available at HaloFrosh.

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