Welcome to the SmogWarts school of Geekcraft and Misery. Allow us to introduce you to some common faces, places, and strange (or not-so-strange) similarities:


Dumbledore : ProfessorHelliwell

Lupin : ProfessorLevin

Mcgonagall : ProfessorKarukstis

Snape : ProfessorVanHecke

Mad Eye Moody : ProfessorMoody

Hagrid : ProfCave?

Umbridge: Blanche Pringle

Slughorn: ProfessorEvans


Harry : MichaelVrable

Hermione : ArielBarton

Ron : I'm tempted to say ProfessorRan, except for the whole NotActuallyMakingAnySense? thing.

Fred and George Weasley : LucasBaker and ShamikMaitra? yes

Oliver Wood: JoelMiller??

Other Persons:

Nearly Headless Nick : ProfDodds?

Voldemort : NickJohnson

Dobby the House Elf : F & M


The Dark Forest : Pitzer

Hogsmeade : ClaremontVillage?

Diagon Alley : Huntley


Potions : Chemistry

Charms : Computer Science (more specifically, computer programming)

Transfiguration : Molecular Biology

Care of Magical Creatures : Exp Ecology Lab

Herbology : Bio52

Arithmancy : Discrete

Defense Against the Dark Arts : PE

Defense Against the Dark Arts extra practice sessions : ITRgames

Divination, History of Magic : Hum

Houses: Should they just be the quad for simplicity?

Gryffindor : North

Ravenclaw : East

Slytherin : West

Hufflepuff : South

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