Here's a history of previous budgets. It would be really helpful if also it was listed what was run out of/what was left over.

= 2013=

(According to a google doc- not sure whose it was, maybe LydiaSalla?'s?)



Total: 1090

Sources of Money: Dean Chris: 300 East Dorm Funds: 150 Social: 640


(according to a google doc RichardBowen had lying around). This year, we got the candy through dining services I think, which is why the candy budget is so detailed. We also got the smoothie materials, including cups, through them.

Here is a breakdown of our candy budget:

The breakdown of funding sources according to my spreadsheet was:

Here is a breakdown of what we actually spent:


Here's a copy of the budget we submitted to Social for Funball Fall 2005. We received all the money we asked for.

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