This page doesn't exist, and probably shouldn't.

Well but now it exists and HowardDeshong is a roommate to AelyAronoff


His dog eats books. Gives good high-fives.

Dear reader, do not be fooled by this innocent-looking webpage. Howard is far more than a student of Harvey Mudd College. He is a visionary. In collaboration with NorthDorm, he has initiated the renaissance of the one and only BIONICLE. His artistic achievements in Prequel Memes have been recognized by the world's leading authorities (true story!). And his cunning mind has driven some of the college's most audacious pranks of the early 21st century, including the CaltechCannonPlaquePrank. Whereas most students will inevitably be forgotten within a few years of passing on, Howard's legacy promises to shine forth brightly for decades to come in his naming of TheGreg's "High Ground".

He is East Dorm Cheesegrater

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