Every year, FreshMen take Hum1 in their first semester and Hum2 in their second semester as part of the HarveyMudd? CoreCurriculum? (although the HumDepartment is seriously considering the elimination of Hum2 in the near future). As with Hum1, there are several different sections of Hum2, each focusing on different subjects; however, the subjects are much more varied than Hum1 and the selection is generally considered better. In most cases, one's Hum2 professor becomes their HumDepartment Advisor.

After 2006, Hum2 has been abolished by the HumDepartment as part of their new curriculum.

Also the prerequisite for BabyStems.

For 2005-2006, the course offerings are:

  1. Women, Culture, Words (ProfessorDeLaet)
  2. Reading Between the Lines: Representations of Economy and Society in Literature for Young Children (ProfessorSullivan?)
  3. Science and Engineering from an 'Other' Perspective (ProfessorOlson)
  4. Classics of Economic Thought (ProfessorEvans)
  5. Graphic Narratives (ProfessorCorder?)
  6. English with an Accent (ProfessorBalseiro?)
  7. Building Community (ProfessorMashek)
  8. Life after Death/ Life before Death: Aztec, Christian, and Islamic Views of Eschatology (ProfessorTirres?)
  9. Political Analysis (ProfessorSteinberg)
  10. The Literary Gothic: Past and Present (ProfessorScheible)

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