"Smile when you say that!" --TracyvanCort

One who majors in a non-technical field (or Biology, depending on who you're talking to).

Biology is not a hum. You offend my good person to say so, and not because I think anything is wrong with being a hum major, but because you do. - KimEspinoza, biology major

Bio is not a Hum! OK, reportedly highschool biology is sometimes a hum, but real biology is not. Unfortunately, people who think that Bio is a Hum will probably never have any contact with real biology, so they remain convinced that it is a Hum... -AlexBobbs

Question: What about the social sciences? Are they considered hum? (And by social sciences I mean *real* sciences, like linguistics, not pseudosciences like anthropology...) You should ask ProfRestivo that question... or better yet, don't.

The social sciences are hums too. Because 'hum' is actually short for HumSoc?. At least, that's what I always assumed. Alternately, you could say that any major that gets you a BA is a hum major, but... Help, I'm wanking, and I can't stop!

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