Humans versus Zombies at the Claremont Colleges.

Basically, a big giant game of tag involving NerfGuns? and brains-hungry people.


For the purpose of this section, the phrase "Safe Zone rules" (regarding zombies) means that zombies are stunned while in (and for 2 minutes after leaving) a Safe Zone.

1. Don't Be A Jerk

2. Tags: humans use NerfGuns? or socks, zombies use 1-hand touch.

3. Safe zones: humans can't be tagged while in them, zombies incur stuns while in them.

4. Zombie Respawning: 10 minutes stun timer after a dart or sock stun, 3 minutes stun timer after leaving a Safe Zone

5. Armbands / Headbands: This is how we identify who is playing the game.

6. No Play Zones: Any location where there is the risk of physical damage to players (e.g.: streets).

8. Vehicles and Wheeled Transport: Don't abuse it, or wheeled transport may be prohibited, and we will all be sad.

9. Dealing with Rulebreaking

10. Legendaryies:

Current East Affiliated Moderators (as of Spring 2022)

Dead Moderators (w/ Funwiki Pages)

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