A combined ThreeDimensionalSuite and FourDimensionalSuite created by MarySullivan back when she lived in SouthDorm. HypercubeSuite is centered at TheEpicenter and also includes some random subsidieries. Members of HypercubeSuite include:

TheEpicenter will be continuing as a ThreeDimensionalSuite next year while a large chunk of the FourDimensionalSuite members will be encorporated into FunBallSuite. But HypercubeSuite will live on...

Um...yeah bloody right. I think we died rather spectacularly actually.

Q. Why is Pava a member of HypercubeSuite?

A. Because he was stapled to the Minerva!

This is untrue. Pava is or is not a member of HypercubeSuite completely independantly of whether he is involved with one of the members of TheEpicenter.

HypercubeSuite is also known for the great EastDorm Hypercube of 4/22/00. The Hypercube sees all.

Actually, HypercubeSuite was not responsible for this prank. I was. Just me. Well, me an my accomplice. But since this is WikiWikiWeb, and I'm not going to sign this, you still don't know who I am. (Insert EvilLaugh here.)

I know who you are, my dear.

Sorry if you were overly fond of the conversation that used to be here...but, well, it's gone now.


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Last edited May 24, 2001 17:07 (diff)