You know the time. You know the place. Happyville awaits. I'll see you there, Jekyll...

We played ItrGames with the PreFrosh on PreFroshWeekend. They had a good time. I am tired. Now that the weather's getting warmer, we should have one at the wash before finals.

Does someone who knows them want to explain the rules here --RobAdams

To learn the stories properly you must go to ItrGames and hear them from the storyteller.

No, they are to be learned on the fly at every session and shall be never codified nor written down --Someone who knows the rules

Not exactly. They were once codified and written down by a current senior who shall remain nameless, and the page may still be in existence, but I would rather not disclose the URL. Some things you just need to show up for and enjoy. --AriNieh

The only permanent rule is that the singing of (or indeed any reference to) the [Bumblebee Tuna song]([Video too!]) is punishable by painful, lingering, poisonous death. --EjWu

doesn't mean you can't explain what they are, even if you don't write the rules down --JohnWalseth

I apologize if I'm breaking all the rules here, but ITR Games are what you play when your GPA's too high or it's late at night and sleep would be fun but not as fun as running around with a bunch of friends making sure none of you make Dean's List any time that semester. I think that's a fair description without actually describing any of the games or giving away any of their rules. After all, new ITR Games should be invented and brought to life all the time, right?

Most of the ones we play regularly (HA!) are basically tag with DuctTape daggers, with the added twist that very few people are really sure who's It. CaptureTheFlag? with DuctTape daggers also happens from time to time.

More occasionally, ItrGames happen at the Wash, and involve a GlowStick rather than DuctTape daggers.

Even more occasionally, ItrGames happen in Honnold, although this may now be considered a BadIdea. <SecondThought> GoodIdea. By the way, who's got the incriminating picture from that night, anyway?

That would be Student T.

Speaking about incriminating photos, what about StripItrGames?

I was going to read through this before deciding commentary with regard posting it here. For now I'm just going to post it. A game played at the school my sister now goes to. That sounded silly enough I thought I would post the link of the rules... [here]. -- KatieLewis

Kill Cal!!! - AndrewKouzelos

A brief history, from OneWhoWasNotThere? (DuctTapeGuy, FunWiki researcher extraordinaire)

The ItrGames were reportedly invented by members of ItrSuite and associates. Therefore, since most of these people appeared to have graduated in '98, the ItrGames have undergone several generations of control and predate FunWiki (TheBrubeck graduated in 2002). The ItrGames have undergone many revisions since their initiation (remorse and non-trilogy Happyville games are two examples of additions). They were in danger of diminishing past salvaging in the spring of 2003, since TimeSuck6 (which had taken over maintenance of these games) underwent catastrophic reorganization of things like "majors" and "enrollment." The booming popularity of CrackInTheAC played no small role in this as well. Fortunately (?), SuiteVengeance was on hand to pick up the slack, and now as '04-'05 ends, the ItrGames still boast a population of faithful regulars and experienced storytellers.

I suspect the ItrGames will always be constantly changing, if for no other reason than it's a loose oral tradition by demand (note I have not explained or even really mentioned any rules here). During my time here so far, I have found that the biggest changes have stemmed from the constant innovations proposed by JeremyLennert. A game designer by profession, and a damn good one, he has created many games I'm certain would leave people from BeforeYouWereBorn scratching their heads in puzzlement. I'm not particularly concerned as long as people are having fun, however. That is the point of a "game", after all.

ItrGames have spread to [CarnegieMellon]. This was done while preserving the oral tradition. BridgetLewis (who had played twice at Mudd) and GlennWillen brought it over, complete with story telling. We had notes writen down for reference at the beginning, but these shall not be passed on. Things are already diverging - we start with Assimilation before going on to Happyville, and CarnegieMellon? aparently loves Zombies.

The games have caught on quite well and are currently thriving in the bowels of Wean Hall. So if you're ever in Pittsburgh, PA, talk to GlennWillen or BridgetLewis and they'll let you know when the next one is. ^_^

Despite all likelihood to the contrary, they remain alive here as of 2016! --DaniBork

A question for all those involved: a house fellow (employee of the college, runst the dorms) asked me (BridgetLewis) to teach the games to a residence assistant so they can play the game as a house event. What is the general opinion on this? I am inclined to invite the RA to our next games so they can get a feel for what the games are supposed to be, and then letting them decide.

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