I have left HMC...I probably won't be coming back. I'll be going home to Philadelphia and working for a few months in research labs. After that, I'm not quite sure. I might stop by campus early next semester. At some point I will leverage to internet to broadcast what I am doing with my life to interested parties; I will likely post a link to that interweb lever here. There are a lot of reasons I left, but the bottom line is that academically, Mudd (college?) is not the right fit for me. I still love you all and will stay in touch.

As per keeping in touch, I am facebook-able and email-able (jpeacock29@gmail.com). Let's talk about the revolution and stuff. (Or, ya know, computational biology, biophysics, computational chemistry, Mudd, the meaning of life.)

I debated announcing this publicly, but (1) I'd rather not put the burden of explaining things on my friends here who already know, (2) I'd rather there be an official story than hear say and (3) I'd rather everyone hear it right from me.


Jacob Robert Peacock has become emburdened with many names:


Jacob Robert Peacock has also become emburdened with many majors:

As per humanities concentration, I took this great History of Gardens class at Scripps and decided that art history of things-that-are-not-2D-paintings is for me. One time, I wanted to be a linguistics concentration. Then I took Intro...


A class-of--2015 frosh with ma-ny nick-names; Peacock, was an; well--known peeriodict--traveler; seeking out travel--- destinations re-lating too chemical-elements; like'+ BoronCalifornia; In 2011-2012) he lived into LoungeTroll; as Peacock waz mean; ;not un-un-pleasant and an tea-social; butwas actually;just an extraordinarily lucky---;--;frosh whom got a sin gull buy chance; he luvs grMMAR very good<333;

PaNts on JacobPeacock

My accomplishments in my Mudd career include:


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