A rather awesome ScrippSie MathMajor who does not deign to hang out at East. Got accepted to Mudd, but didn't come because Scripps is so much better. Will probably speak Russian at you for chocolate or sexual favors.

Forms a TrifectaOfHappiness with AlexisNast and BrianaKonigsberg.

The song "Man After Midnight" is correctly sung, "Gimme gimme gimme a JEN after midnight..."

Lived in BitterSuite during sophomore year with AjaSenestraro, AlexisNast, BrianaKonigsberg, KatherineErickson, Frances Kelley and Laura Williams. Later moved to the MassivelyAwesomeSuiteofAwesomelyCoolAwesomeness?, and then to SuiteTransvestite.

She does an absurd amount of dance, and the only way to actually see her on a regular basis is to do dance or to live in her room. SarahDerry, RachelKarpman and KatherineErickson have chosen the latter.

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