AKA Joe Baker-Malone, or Joe ex Malone, or PinBitch's ex little love slave.

I used to go to mudd. I used to update my wiki page sometimes, but don't now. And by now I mean after I press save (for real this time).

I used to live in east. I used to live in west. I used to live in BrightonPark?. I used to live on maui. I used to live at StanFord. I used to live in MountainView? at TorTuga with PatriAaronForwalterFriedman, PeterWilson, AvaniGadani and ManyOthers. Now I live in Redwood City.

I'm married to SahanaBaker? (aka Sahana Baker-Malone) and am father of Inara Baker-Malone and Kaia Baker-Malone.


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