Joshua Middendorf is attending graduate school at Northwestern University (in Chicago area). He was married to MaryPeter ... err ... MaryMiddendorf?, his fiancee, err, wife, in June in Portland, at her parent's house. His advisor is Professor George Schatz, who specializes in computational chemistry. He will likely work on modelling interactions of gas-phase molecules moving at very high speeds with surfaces.

I still enjoy chessers, though I play it rarely, and I have continued to play bridge actively and often. You can reach my current convention card, an adaptation of Precision bidding, at http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~jmiddend/precision.doc if I'm feeling lucky, it might get posted in another format. I don't juggle nearly enough, but I can manage something that looks like 5 balls in the air for a short time. I still play Angband, Sangband being my current (and typical) favorite. I blog at http://www.livejournal.com/users/camlost , but I don't update terribly often. I also enjoy ContraDancing, a node which is no longer a WikiIsland.

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Joshua Middendorf is an alumnus who, after taking a year off, will be attending Northwestern University (in Chicago) in the fall to get a PhD in Chemistry. He is looking to work in the areas of computational/quantum chemistry. In the intervening year, he worked at a General Chemical plant as a quality control chemist. He still enjoys Chessers, juggling, and other forms of crack *much* more than he should. He is engaged to MaryPeter, and they plan on wedding in the summer of 2005. In other news, since last updating, my parents have built themselves a house on the Kentucky side of the Ohio, putting themselves a mite South of Cincinnati.

Joshua Middendorf is a senior (Class of 2003)who is currently living in South 310 next door to his significant other MaryPeter (South 312). He has been a long term Eastie and has enjoyed participating in a variety of East dorm activities such as ChesSers, instant dance parties, ITR Games, boffing, and presumably more. JoshMiddendorf still enjoys playing ChesSers, though JoshMiddendorf finds that he doesn't have the stamina to continue playing as long as he used to. He thinks a large part of the fun of Chessers was the discovery of new stuff and working out strategies, another reason that it didn't catch on terribly well in years following. He has also been involved in SDRR, and sang C is for Constant when he had a sore throut. Singing it didn't help. JoshMiddendorf is an admitted CrackWhore (see category listing below). He enjoys playing a wide variety of computer games and video games though mostly old ones. He is a chem major, for those wishing to shower, or ask for help. I will remind people that there is a showering suite in South, so come on over, He'll try not to kick. Generally He's a pretty silly person, but recently I've been more serious. Oh well. JoshMiddendorf likes to play bridge. He'll even try to teach those interested, but I'll warn you that it's not an overnight game to learn. South has some nice tables to play bridge on. He enjoys juggling as well and likes to juggle (or attempt) up to 5 balls, 3 clubs or rings. Passing clubs is fun.

BridgeClub? President (who has done nothing), former KeeperOfTheBoffers?, and former BarbequeBrawn? Please don't turn the previous statements into wikipages unless absolutely necessary

Phone: x74951 ? Email: jmiddendorf@hmc.edu


None that I know of!

MarkSandoval Hey, remember that time when... nevermind.

MaryPeter Yeah, right Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Schedule for Fall 2002
 3.0 Abstract Algebra
 2.0 Research
 2.0 Clas/Stat? Thermo
 3.0 Roman Something
 3.0 Greek Art and Archaelogy
 3.0 Intro to Govt
 0.0 Seminar
 1.5 Choir

Joshua Middendorf, an unofficial bastion of purity, a guardian of Chesserness (aka member of ChessersSuite or NotEngineeringSuite? and player of ChesSers) is currently majoring in CheMistry. His interest in CheMistry might make him one of the DamnCoolGirls. He is the Riemann zeta hypothesis. You can commonly find him playing crack, in one form or another, but ususally another or maybe even BridgeCrack?. There has been too little playing of Chessers lately, perhaps more can be played when JavaChessers? is released. Much too little, that must be remedied. He is a ChemMajor who enjoys MatheMatics, PhySics, and ComputerScience. Unfortunately, he also has to take Hums and BabyStems and other not fun classes, no fair!!

Do I have an orbital? Perhaps I shall give myself d(z^2), it's a fun orbital!

KeeperOfTheBoffers?, BridgeClub? President

He now lives in West Virginia, after having moved there after being a member of the Gwinnett county three (AdamBliss, JoshMiddendorf, EdMiller). This leaves EdMiller as the last remaining member.

Current Status:

Schedule for Spring 2002 (and just when I was getting used to writing /01)

 3.0 International Econ
 3.0 InOrganic?
 3.0 Instrumental
 1.0 InstrumentalLab?
 1.0 InorganicLab?
 3.0 BabyQuantum
 3.0 Greeks
 1.0 Choir
 17.0 units

Schedule for Fall 2001

 3.0 OrganicChemistry
 1.0 OrganicChemistryLab?
 3.0 AnalyticChemistry?
 1.0 AnalyticChemistryLab?
 0.0 Classical/Statistical? Thermodynamics  has been cancelled 
 2.0 AdvancedPhysicalChemistry? (Biophysical Chemistry)
 1.0 ChemLiterature?
 3.0 BabyStems
 3.0 Bio52
 18.0 Units  now 16 units  Oops, 17 (chem lit is 1 unit)

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