Josh Oratz (also Oratz or Joratz) is dead, gone with the class of 2013. A SontagFrosh. Was one of the Sontag Presidents and one of the ProctorsOfVice for 2011-2012 and DAC co-chair for 2012-2013 (along with LucasBrady. Josh is The DAC, Lucas is Chair. With our powers combined...). His full title is Scruffy-Looking Knerfherder. Use it liberally.

Is now working for The Man. That makes incredibly small not-hardware. Or at least is named after that.

Random Things Section

Uses third person whenever I feel like.

A CS major, with a concentration in Art Horowitz.

Plays MagicTheGathering. Likes to play durdly decks. Like Eggs.

He participated in that one random Copper Chef competition as part of the all SontagFrosh Team Adjective Plural Noun.

He also took part in all five Twilight Water Drinking Games.

If Josh were a food, he would be a gingerbread cookie.

He actually lives in Atwood, but we forgive him for that, since he doesn't actually live there.

Has a weak PatriNumber of 2, and a Strong PatriNumber of 6.

Has a WhedonNumber of 5. Yes, the parity is correct.

His purity score is/was:

 45.2% (Fall break 2010)
 41.4% (4/26/11) (Party at UW took off 2.4% alone.  Wut.)

Loves to play the RoomDraw game. Because RoomDraw is awesome.

Was voted Dorm Longer Than it is Wide and Dorm Meaty in the Middle during Eastmas 2012.

Video Game Section

Plays LoL (and occasionally KOL).

Has a game stack that is very long. It goes something like this:

Golden Sun 2
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy V
Majora's Mask
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy III
Zelda II:Adventure of Link
The Legend of Zelda

A Tales of Symphonia completion run (hooray going through the game 3 times!) is underway (sorta). Contact me if you want to join.

General: 2/5 Avoidance Titles earned (Eternal Apprentice, Brave Soul)
Playthrough 1: Ready for playthrough two after a few sidequests (Darn you cooking titles...)

Playthrough 2: Will happen eventually.

He is working on completion runs of the Zelda and Fire Emblem series.



The Legend of Zelda - In progress
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - In progress
A Link to the Past - Complete
Link's Awakening - Complete
Ocarina of Time - Complete
Majora's Mask - In progress
Oracle of Seasons - Complete
Oracle of Ages - Complete
Four Swords - Complete (2 and 3 players, anyone want to do a 4 player run?)

The Wind Waker - Complete
Four Swords Adventures - Complete
The Minish Cap - Complete
Twilight Princess - Complete
Phantom Hourglass - Complete
Spirit Tracks - Complete
Skyward Sword- Complete
Ocarina of Time 3DS - Complete
A Link Between Worlds - Complete

Fire Emblem:

Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ry to Hikari no Tsurugi - In queue
Fire Emblem Gaiden - In queue
Fire Emblem: Monsh no Nazo - In queue
Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu - In queue
Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 - In queue
Fire Emblem: Fin no Tsurugi - In queue
Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken - Complete
Fire Emblem: Seima no Kseki - Complete
Fire Emblem: Sen no Kiseki - Complete
Fire Emblem: Akatsuki no Megami - Complete
Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ry to Hikari no Ken - Complete
Fire Emblem: Shin Monsh no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiy~ - In queue
Fire Emblem: Kakusei - Complete

He has started a Final Fantasy Run as well, though this one is going to be in order (minus mmo's):
Final Fantasy: Complete
Final Fantasy II: Complete
Final Fantasy III: In progress

Shows Section

Josh often completion runs shows quickly, because sleep is for scrubs.

Completed Shows:
Quantum Leap
Early Edition
Jackie Chan Adventures
Terra Nova
Battlestar Galactica
Arrested Development
Breaking Bad
How I Met Your Mother

And a bunch of one-season/winter filler shows I can't remember, but will add when I do.

Shows being watched:

Doctor Who(old and new)
Family Guy
The Simpsons

Shows I should watch(please add stuff here, old or new):

Other Stuffs Section

He was a CS 70 Grutor for both semesters in 2011 and in Fall 2012. Grutored Algs Spring 2013.

There's not much else interesting about him, except that he's Jewish. Coincidentally, he was in KosherChords.



Also, JoshOratz likes recursion.

Quotes: "NONE SHALL PASS!!!"

"It was a gas station. And I'm Jewish."
"He's like Lance Armstrong, but the other way."
"<CS105> Bombs lab is fun. Unless you make stupid mistakes."
"Our relationship lacks grapefruits."
"Wouldn't it be great if you had a knife that was also scissors? I'd love some knissors."
Josh: i've always wondered if hands tasted like pepperoni
AlexEng: Why pepperoni?
Josh: i just think that's what they'd taste like

DietrichLangenbach: HEY JOSH
JoshOratz: yo?
DietrichLangenbach: you should get a pigeon thong
JoshOratz: why me?
JoshOratz: i mean, i'm not saying no...

GeorgeAspesi is playing Ocarina of Time, and Josh is watching.

Josh: "Put on the iron boots!"
George: "No."
Josh: "Take off the iron boots!"
George: "No."
Josh: "Put on the iron boots!"
George: "No."
Josh: "Take off the iron boots!"
George: "Go away."
Josh: "Put on the iron boots!"
George: "No"
Josh: "Take off the iron boots!"
George: "Fuck you!"

Room info:
Frosh year: Lived in Atwood 127 (even though epsilon time was spent there) with EmilGuliyev?.
Sophomore year: Lived in Atwood 206 in HatWood? with DietrichLangenbach and JosephDearden.
Summer of junior year: Apartment in Costa Mesa.
Junior year: Lived in Sontag 201C.
Summer of senior year: Apartment in Long Beach.
Senior year: Lived in Sontag 108C (BenFrosh? stole my room...)
Post-mortem: Living in The Abyss (With BerylEgerter, MaryRachelStimson, and RaiFeren)! (Located in Bellevue and/or beneath the Qlipoth)

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