Is awesome. Somehow managed to make it to sophomore year without having a page. This needed to change.

Pronounced /joʒi/. (Is actually Yoshi) (Not actually Yoshi) Once had a teacher call her "Yo" because he couldn't figure out how to pronounce it. It's Slovenian. And the last name is Irish. Might have a middle name.

Was an Atwood frosh in Suite Communism (first floor proctor suite). Joins a number of people who lived in Atwood 100 freshman year and became Easties, like JeffreyHemphill and DavidScott. Has the best roommate ever, NaomiEpstein?.

She was incredibly undecided about her major, but has now settled on Math-Comp-Bio.

She really likes costumes/dressing up and has a decent collection of hats.

Her hobbies include reading and tabletop games and dancing, but hasn't really had a lot of time for any of that this semester.

Is a Writing Centaur, CS Staffer, Prism co-president (2013-2014). Also a LingDork.

Ends up in late night lounge far more than is good for her.

Was involved in theater, sportsball, CTY, kairos, Ren Faire, and other things in a past life.

Totally wrote out a FunWiki page for herself a long time ago, and then didn't copypasta because she thought it would be weird.

Is definitely not procrastinating a gov paper right now.

Is mildly annoyed at the lack of explicit subjects in the phrases on this page.

Loves the lounge. And the Frosh. And Stumpy. And East, basically.

Occasionally participates in drunk baking with EmmaMeersman and tired-emailing Schmack by herself.

Is POV '14-'15 with JohnPhillpot and EmmaMeersman.

Has a father who games. This is why she became a gamer. This also means she's played a lot of old board games. She also never uses the word "gamer" to refer to people playing video games.

Lives very, very close to LAX when outside the Mudd Bubble. Sometimes she misses the planes.

Has an unusual liking for driving in LA traffic.

Frequently helps with music for Funball and Dis-O.

Is Dorm Jock for '14-'15.

Is all of the furniture. (No, not at once, that would be silly!)

Might update this with books/movies/games she likes at some point in the future.

Is currently Proctor of Soda.

Living Spaces:

Hardware (Far fewer people than she'd like seem to appreciate the naming convention):


She should go swing dancing more. Preferably when I'm in town. -Yes, I agree.

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