A common sight under the louch playing any number of games. Making a serious run for CrackFrosh 2005.

Possibly related to ProfessorEvans. Recommend further investigation.

Part of TheCanadianRunThrough

 [while playing DevilMayCry]
 MichaelGilik?: Frankly, I thought it was worth the risk.
 JulianEvans: That's because Risk is a great game . . . 
              . . . damnit.  Has it been half an hour yet?

JulianEvans: Pure chemists are ivory tower gnomes that just make up solutions for the hell of it.

JulianEvans (while playing Settlers): All I have is a city and a dev card....
The rest of TheGame: Only!?!?

JulianEvans: "Did you just say 'anti-matter scrotum'"

JulianEvans: You need PChem to play ChronoTrigger.

JulianEvans: "I preserve parity with my nuts."

JulianEvans: "Hot steak on steak night action!"

JulianEvans: "I have a chess set, a physics textbook, and a penis. I can entertain myself!"

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