Julie graduated. No, really. These days, she is doing the Valhalla--er, GradSchool--thing at UcIrvine?, until she has a better idea or someone hands her another degree, whichever comes first.

Lived in FroshCloneSuite in EastDorm (in 113, with LoriThomas), and was later in the suite once tentatively known as IdealismSuite? (and long ago known as ChessersSuite) with the other three former BoilerFrosh?. Proceeded to inhabit the eastern side of East 109, in the grand tradition of MichaelVrable and StephGrush. Finally wound up in LoungeSuite with JeffBrenion, who occasionally remembered to unlock the bathroom door.

A committed CoffeeWhore. But not, as it turns out, one of the IncorrigibleRapscallionThugs.

Watch out! She knows ForTran!

She also originated the phrase AreYouWatchingTheChai. She was a major participant in the incident, and the results thereof can be seen as one of her LiveJournal userpics.

An avid player of Mafia (including the QuantumMafia variant) and an equally avid follower of Step One. And why haven't we played any in ages?

Declared a PhysicsMajor (on 10/31/02; we'll see how long it lasts), likely with dollops of bio and/or ComputerScience on the side.

Has an almost preternatural ability to amuse JeffBrenion.

Went to preschool with AuroraBurd. Seriously.

Quotes induced by SleepDep :

"Sleep schedule?! I hardly know 'er!"

"Don't worry, Dan will protect her. He's a big responsible sophomore." Ummmmmmm.........explanation please?--DanCicio

Explanation: Julie and KatyPerdue were discussing the whereabouts of LizzieKadison, concluding that she and Dan were likely in the lounge. It was also noted later that Dan is neither terribly big, nor terribly responsible, nor entirely a sophomore. -JulieWortman My thoughts exactly.--DanCicio

"Then we'll go to frosh chem lecture and I'll exact my revenge in a way that I haven't quite figured out yet..."

"He nudged the bag! That's frickin' hilarious!"

"I could run Word and Netscape at the same time...or I could just crash!"

"My computer's name is Biznatch."

"Your piece is great because at the end it goes deedly-deedly-deedly-EERNT!"

    Julie: "No sleep and no caffeine make Julie something something..."
    CalPierog: "Giddy as all hell?"
    Julie: "Don't mind if I do!" 

"You want the mofo?!? You can't handle the mofo! Non-mofo-handler, you! Bah! I deride your mofo-handling abilities!"

"When you have the four things on the thing, you don't know where the axis of the spinny is!"

"Okay, I added the fucking."

"Yeah, whatever, that was a bad-ass blow."

"'Stems' is not a pronoun."

"My happy thought is !stems. Am I flying yet?"

(To RobinBaur:) "Is it hot enough for you, ho? Or are you going to make another lucky one?"

(To StephGrush:) "You're a guy."

(with ManyOthers:) "Briiiiiiiiiiidge!"

 As a result of BadFic?:
 Steph: "I found a stick! Is it magic?"
 Julie: "...Abracaphallus!"

Schedule for Spring '05:

 PHYS164-01 HM Still No Gravitons I (1st half)                  Townsend    TR 9:35         2.0
 PHYS172-01 HM Still No Gravitons II (2nd half)                 Sahakian    TR 9:35         2.0
 PHYS170-01 HM Stems For Physicists                             Saeta       M 2:45          2.0
 PHYS194-01 HM Smoke and Mirrors                                Saeta       Arrrr!          3.0
 MUS 063-01 HM Learning Lines for TwelfthNight? During Lecture  Alves       MW 1:15         3.0
 LIT 110-01 HM Looking Disdainfully at WillShipley for Credit   Groves      F 1:15-4        3.0
 HSS 190-02 HM Making Stuff Up (1st half)                       CalPierog   T 7:30p         1.5
 PHYS196-01 HM Punch, Cookies, and People Talking about Stuff   Sparks      T 4:15          0.0
 PE  001-05 JP Assembly of Carbon-Fiber Arrows                  Dykman      MW 10           0.0

                                                         Total Units: 16.5 -- but mostly fun.

(Template ganked from LoriThomas, who gratuitously stole it from DanCicio, &c.)

Oh, fine: JulieWortman/StepMania.


Became the official WikiWhore after the retirement of DanCicio.

Also qualifies as WikiWhore2003. Not to mention the rare and sought-after title of WikiWhore2004. Member of FunWikiGeneration 0.

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