Booska is the name of a cute, friendly human-sized kaiju (monster) that looks like a cross between a bucktoothed teddy bear and a giraffe. It was originally an iguana until its owner fed it experimental powder. Booska himself wears a "Boo Crown", appearing as three horns running from front to back down his head, which is the source of all his magical abilities. By using his Boo Crown, Booska can fly, lift up to 100 tons, or even turn invisible, among a number of other things. He can also change his size, appearing initially as about a foot tall in Episode 1, but switching between that size and the hight of an adult human. Booska needs to be wearing his Boo Crown for his superpowers to work, and his Boo Crown requires nourishment, especially ramen, in order to function properly. In addition, Booska is terrified of turtles, which his enemies use to their advantage.

Some little-known (because it's complete bs) lore is that Booska killed SerenityWade's family (again, this is not true. Booska is a lovable protector of the human race, and to my knowledge has never killed anybody).

PiperLangerWeida brought Booska to EastDorm, with the support of SophiaThomas.

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Barney took something beautiful and destroyed it

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiju_Booska

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