No-longer FroshClone. That is, she is no longer a frosh, but still a member of FroshCloneSuite . She's a physics major who also likes Cognitive Science, Electrical and Systems Engineering, Foreign Languages, Dance and Movement Analysis, all sorts of Lab courses, and reading good books.

Currently infatuated with the idea of building a robot army, possibly with help from JessicaFisher, CalPierog, ChrisWottawa, and RachelGabor (nanobot division). Applications are still being accepted.

She's super-excited to take StatMech this semester! No, just kidding. She is hoping she won't have any StatMech related injuries.

She is one of the EastDormPresidents '03-'04 school year, with DanCicio as her partner in crime. She hopes to orchestrate a new era of peace and love between North and East. Or maybe, just go to meetings and listen to people so you don't have to, and use the DiscretionaryFund? whenever possible.

Rubs her nose a lot for no apparent reason. Ask her for a demonstration.

She tastes soft, according to CalPierog. She also puts up with a lot of CalPierog.

SleepDep quotes:

"I just figured I'd come in here and blow my nose...and maybe moan a little bit...and then leave."

 "What kind of parent am I going to be?" --LizzieKadison
 "A bad one!" --KatyPerdue

"I have quarters in my butt. I should go do laundry."

"This is great. 3 straight guys, 3 straight girls, Paul, and a big pole."

"Why do I put up with you?!?!?! Why?!?!??!?"

"I was just telling you where to put it."

"I remember the great lack-of-a-calculator crisis of '86..."

Schedule for Fall '03:

 PHYS117 HM Statistical Mechanics                 
 PHYS133 HM Electronics Lab             
 MATH115 HM Fourier and Boundry Value Problems
 DANC102 SC Dynamics of Human Movement
 SOSC179I HM Gender and Medicine
 OTHER STUFF (Chamber Music and Clarinet Lessons)

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