Kavi is a FrOsh!! He is also an incredibly technologically-gifted one who keeps picking up more and more projects to do. Class of 2026.

A very big fan of corn.

Boba addict. Consumer of sugar.

EastDigitalCoordinator. Fixes eeeverything. Updated loungeterm to a more recent version of linux.

Would live in the machine shop if he could.

Needs to touch grass.

Ironically, is like grass type pokemon in that he is weak to cold.

A master of computer science and film, a VFX wizard

Fan of "your mom" jokes

Has seen the science parody video of any pop song you can think of

Monolith Maintainer. He had a vision quest and he heard “Kavi! You must decide Monolith before you die!” And now is attempting to decrypt Monolith.

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