[Kingdom Of Loathing] is a web-based MMORPG featuring advanced stick-figure graphics, plentiful haiku, and lots of random humor. For instance, all players use meat as currency (yes, meat as in piles of steak), and character classes range from "Pastamancer" to "Accordian Thief". As is common for web-based systems, players get a fixed number of 'adventures' per day which they can use to fight monsters in various locations, gaining XP, meat, and items. Ostensibly, the game is still in beta, although it is fundamentally complete except for the last boss.

Historically, the game has been unique in rewarding limited hacking as long as it led to bug-fixes by the creators, Jick and Mr. Skullhead. Boozerbear, a particularly famous player, was highly regarded for exploiting an item duplication bug that allowed him to create millions of 'salty dogs', and selling them to other players at an extreme discount for months after the bug was fixed. Much later, there was an interesting event when a handful of players discovered an exploit which allowed them to arbitrarily set the amount of meat they had. Unfortunately, rather than giving themselves a nice chunk of cash and reporting the bug, they set their currency to int-max and bought *every single item* currently available for sale at the player run mall. (Some even set up multiple accounts as mules, as evidenced by the hundreds of billions of meat collected in donations to ward off the Mob PenGuins and repopulate the Icy Peak.)

The game is somewhat past its prime. For most of its history, the economy has been undergoing rapid inflation as players keep bringing meat in by killing monsters, using it to buy goods from other players (mostly food, since weapons are plentiful and every player only needs one), but no meat ever left circulation. Right now, deflation is setting in now that meat is leaving the system along with the players.

Some random excerpts:

Some players from Mudd:

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