KiraWyld is a frosh. Her name is not Josh. HAHAHAHAHAHA rhyming. (What am I doing with my life?)

She might be the same person as EmmaManning. She is almost certainly RachelRoley's sister. We are totally sure.

ONCE UPON A TIME, IN ONE OF THE GULF STATES: A pair of baby twins were born. Unfortunately, the force of the two of them being together was TOO AWESOME, and it was decided that the world couldn't handle the two of them being together, so Kira and ZoeTucker were sadly split apart, Kira sent to Texas and a birth certificate forged there, and the same thing happened to Zoe. Unfortunately, Kira could not stop crying about how she was missing a sister, so a replacement was found when she moved to the Pacific Northwest. PaigeRinnert and Kira played in the rain, and laughed in the rain, and basically there was rain. Also in Kindergarten she probably split crayons with AdamDunlap. It seems like it probably happened and since we're in the Pacific Northwest might as well throw that in here. But then the Government once again got intimidated by the awesome, and Kira was sent back down to Oregon. She was also split into two clones and one of them was sent to Hawaii because she's also sisters with Rachel. Okay. So then everyone was mindwiped and most of this wasn't discovered until they all got to Mudd and the truth was too obvious for everyone not to discover. The end.

KiraWyld also wrote half of the frosh pages on here and "accidentally" deleted half of it when she created MarisolBeck's page. Oops. (She also denies any and all accusations of this)

Quotations: "Don't talk to me, I'm drinking"

(In my defense I was trying to drink water and people kept being funny and I almost DIED)

"You are the sweat in my pants" -to MaxHlavacek

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