Tool for visualizing the KissiWeb.

Originally written by GlennWillen. Recreated over Spring Break 2010 by DanMoore. Broken again in Fall 2010.

SVG, with different renderers:

PNG (uglier, and recommended only for lame people):

[Click here to update the graph]

Like the old version, looks through pages for a KissiWebNeighbors header, then reads in links until a horizontal rule or the end of an unordered list. It's kind of dumb, but works pretty well.


Visualisation tool written by GlennWillen to make a graph of the KissiWeb.

BenJencks was putting off homework by playing with Graphviz, so now there are several renderings, created by different graphviz tools. dot [1]; neato [2]; twopi [3];

Neato looks the best, IMO.

In case you don't have an SVG viewer, here's a PNG of the neato rendering. It looks icky, though. PNG [4] (updated 6:00am PST/PDT).

Script at [5].

Use --dot to make something the Graphviz dot(1) utility will process.

It looks for a KissiWebNeighbors link, and a bulleted list of neighbors underneath. It chokes (ie, stops processing that page) on second level bullets, or any other text inside the list.

The script was originally (and still is) hosted at [6]. The old image stopped updating a while ago, but is still at [7]

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