During the first FinalsWeek of their FreshMan year, several FunBallPeople decided to make a pinata out of papier mache. Because ShamikMaitra expressed an overwhelming urge to destroy a KoiFish, this was the shape chosen for the doomed work of art.

The pinata was constructed behind backwall East. The form was made of balloons from Von's held together with tape. Several days were spent covering this in layers and layers of flour-and-water-soaked newspaper strips. Very messy. Jeanie was appalled. When the last layer of papier mache had (mostly) dried, we bayonetted the balloons using a swiss army knife DuctTaped to a hockey stick. (note: The swiss army knife didn't work as I recall, too dull. We resorted to an exacto knife.)

Meanwhile, a trip to the store was made for candy and party favors. This turned into a trip to three stores, since the first two didn't have the DumDum?s which AiyeshaMa demanded. Aiyesha rode in the shopping carts and snagged every bag of sweets that came within arms' reach. As a result, we returned with about 1.5 ButtLoads of candy and prizes. Fortunately our pinata was way too big; it could have held at least 2 ButtLoads.

The finishing touches were put off until the end of the week. Before the last NoisyMinutes we bought a can of orange spray paint at the hardware store, and dredged up some old crepe paper(from PeterWilson's stash of stuff). In a flurry of activity, the pinata gained fins, a tail, a paint job, whiskers, scales, and eyes. Suddenly what had been a ginormous football-shaped blob was now a work of art.

Then we smashed it good.

The KoiPinata continued the GiantStuffedAnimal tradition begun by the SheepPrank and the PhysicsPig. It also anticipated the inception of SmashieSmashieShmc later that year.

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