A cappella. With Jews. What more could you want?

Kosher Chords is an a cappella group containing a very large contingent of Easties and their kin. They can frequently be found in and around Vice events, given two of their members were ProctorOfVice. They also drink while watching Disney movies and sing while walking to food halls. They can be identified by their teal garb, cheery and distracted dispositions, and their high density of inside jokes. Also, they sometimes sing.

Fall 2010 Songs:
Shalom Rav
One Day
On the Radio
The Latke Song

Spring 2011 Songs:
Care of Cell 44
Alice Childress
Sweet Caroline
You Won't Succeed on Broadway
Prince of Egypt Medley

Fall 2011 Songs:
Al Hanisim
Waiting for the End
Mini Kolech Mibechi
Kiss the Girl

Spring 2012 Songs:
Ma Navu
Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

Fall 2013 Songs:
What'll I Do?
Carry On My Wayward Son
Prince of Egypt Medley
Magic School Bus Theme
Sugar, Sugar


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