A member of GsixtyThree suite in EastDorm. He's the big guy who wears a whole lot of orange. Known for introducing CrackWater to GsixtyThree, and for inventing InstantParties and UniBoarding?. Kurt is the owner of the OrangeChair, as well one of the past EastDormPresidents.

KurtDresner is a member of FunWikiGeneration 0.

also one of the funniest people in existence. makes life bright and happy and ... well ... orange.

Thanks, eh :o)

Come back here, essay!

He's also an umlaut nazi. He goes through all the Wiki pages looking for places where there should be umlauts but there aren't any. Actually, kind of helpful in that regard. But doesn't it seem cruel to brutally wipe out all the happy little vowels with no umlauts? --RobAdams

Drop DEAD, Kurt! --ArielBarton

Well, the papier mache castle just got stormed by papier mache Vikings, armed with papier mache torches. The isopropyl, however, was real. --Dresnooberhead (paraphrased)

In the world of papier mache, the isopropyl man is King! --KurtDresner

For fun... CoolQuotes

KurtDresner now lives in Austin, Texas. Where he and ChrisLundberg are recruiting for the ChaosRanch. You can find more out about him and what he is up to [there].

He visited EastDorm for an evening in October 2013, where he captivated frosh (class of 2017) and juniors with East anecdotes from way BeforeWeWereBorn. He is a pretty cool guy.


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