CS and Film Studies Double Major

Her final presentation vice, KyrasTedTalk, is the stuff of legend.


Coined the term TheGreg

Best accomplishment as EastDormChronicler: [EDC Notes 1/30/20]

Best accomplishment as a sophomore: I know [this] by heart


Kyra is a FrOsh!!!!

Is actually the same person as DelaneyCohn.

Hot gal.

For FroshPrank 2019, was the target of the infamous FunBallPit prank, receiving a bit of a re-modeling for free. Come to think of it, it's less of a prank and more of a favor. *shrug*

ITWP FrOsh!!!

Presentation Vice: "Some Examples of when Evolution is stupid... including the box fish"

The before times

Made an incredible Vine compilation: [rip vine]

Also made an epic tiktok compilation [very fonny]

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