A continuous reading aloud of the LordoftheRings? of JrrTolkien?, loosely modelled after the DickAThon. Traditionally takes place the weekend before finals fall semester. The Hobbit takes about 8 hours to read, and The Lord of the Rings about 40-45 hours. See also: SilmarillionAThon.

LOTRaThon 2001

Memories of LOTRaThon I

ChrisLundberg, reading The Council of Elrond:

 "And here in the house of Elrond more shall be made clear to you," said Aragorn,
 standing up.  He cast his sword upon the table that stood before Elrond, and the blade
 was in two pieces.  "Here is the Sword that was Broken!" he said. *clunk*  

And yes, there was in fact a broken katana sitting on the table in front of him. How Chris managed to smuggle that down to Big Beckman in his coat and read with it hidden, I'll never know; but it was excellent theater.'' --WillShipley

Falling asleep in Lothlorien, drifting awake for thirty seconds as Boromir confronts Frodo, and fully waking with Merry and Pippin en route to Fangorn . . . ah, the magic. We're doing this again, right? --WillShipley

Hearing WillShipley doing different voices for each member of the fellowship just before Moria. Also, hearing him singing Sam's Gil-Galad song(the BBC version).--DanielKagan

LOTRaThon 2002

LOTRaThon II was a great success. Just slightly under 41.5 hours in all. Audio streaming was up and running right from the start, though an Internet outage prevented off-campus access for part of the time. In addition, audio was saved to disk, so a complete recording of LOTRaThon 2002 is available! (Audio has been compressed so it all fits on a single CD.) Talk to me if you are interested in a copy; I will probably say more about this once I am back on campus. --MichaelVrable

Memories of LOTRaThon II

Having StephGrush place a giant origami spider (skillfully made by ArielBarton) on the shoulder of the chair I was sitting on as I read Minas Tirith...hearing NicholasCarbone? creepily speak Gollum's parts...bursting into laughter due to the silly and disruptive antics of the foolish ChrisKay as I started reading The Muster of Rohan. -NickHerman

Strongbad the Snaga, in The Land of Shadow. -MicahSmukler

Random Comments on LOTRaThon 2002:

Is anyone else surprised that Book 4 filled up first? I would have thought it would be either 1 or 5.--MicahSmukler Book IV has the best time slot, of course.

No, Book IV has some of the most fun chapters to read as well as a lot of Gollum. Hmmmmmm, My Preeeeeeecios! --NicholasCarbone?

Being as I tend to find Book 4 the most irritating of the 6, yes, I am surprised. Not entirely sure I agree about expecting 1 or 5 to go fastest, but I'm not entirely sure I disagree either. Hmm. --RobinBaur

LOTRaThon 2003

LOTRaThon 2003 marked the first time that TheHobbit? was read in addition to the LordOfTheRings?.

Once again, a live audio stream was provided, and audio was saved as well. A CD containing the complete recording will be available at some point, after basic editing has been done. Audio is in the OggVorbis format (as before). --MichaelVrable

Memories of LOTRaThon III

Much fun, but I need to practice my elvish next time. --JonathanBeall

Stick figures of key characters. And the obligatory x-ing them out as they died. (Not to mention x-ing items as they were destroyed) --NickJohnson

Appendix A, anyone? Also, I have a few good pictures that will be online once I get back to East and my beloved scanner. --RichardGarfinkel

Fricking ConcertChoir? performance... Just needed to get that out of my system. Hopefully they won't conflict again next year? --AdamField If they don't, it'll be the first time they haven't...

LOTRaThon 2004

Anyone working on audio streaming this year? --MichaelVrable

I haven't signed up for chapters yet, but it occurred to me that perhaps (due to the apparently somewhat lessened interest from last year), maybe we should cut Hobbit this time? -ClayHambrick

LOTRaThon 2006

Yes, it's here! This academic year, I'm shaking things up a bit and scheduling this for a weekend not before finals week. Instead, we'll be starting on March 31, 2006, Cesar Chavez Day. It's a three day weekend and everyone has hopefully gotten past all of their midterms. We'll also be leaving out The Hobbit this year, because I don't think we'll have the readers for it (if I hear lots of objections, this plan can be changed). The schedule listed below is the /2002Schedule, because it's the last schedule to not include The Hobbit, and I'm lazy. If you feel like being not lazy, feel free to adjust the times from /AverageSchedule to fit the start time of 7:00p. --RichardGarfinkel

Lord of the Rings begins: Fri 7:00p

Finish: Sun 2:28pm/4:09pm

LOTRaThon 2005 [2006] Discussions

So, LOTRaThon 2004 definitely did not go optimally, what with four dropped chapters, low attendance, and no streaming. I'd like to do a little bit better next time around, and I've got some thoughts in mind, but I'd like some comments, especially while last weekend is fresh in our memories. --RichardGarfinkel

LOTRaThon 2006 Post-Mortem

Found book I have in my room a paperback copy of Fellowship of the Ring with a green cover that was left after the LOTRaThon. Whoever owns it; please contact me so I can give it back to you. While I'm on the subject, I have a hardcover copy of The Hobbit (with a stylized, green-heavy landscape as its dust jacket) that has been on my shelf since LOTRaThon 2004.

One more LOTRaThon down! While more successful than last year--we had streaming audio and all chapters taken--we certainly have room for improvement for next years. I'd like to open the table to discussion to what we can do (and in some cases should, must, or shall do) next year to MakeItEvenBetter!

LOTRaThon 2010

Occurred on Cesar Chavez weekend, March 26-28. Seemed to be a success.--LauraPoindexter?

Any comments/memories, anyone?

Schedule at /2010Schedule

LOTRathon 2014

This will be the first LOTRathon in the new building! It'd be great to get lots of alumni and people from other campuses. I'll be advertising it at Oldenborg to try to get every race in "The Council of Elrond" to be in a different language. Sign up at http://tinyurl.com/ndoxeuk

If you want to get involved this year, email me (Luckeymorgan@gmail.com)--MorganLuckey

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