Ahoy! Ahoy! Check!

Chess played as a LARP (Live-Action Roleplay). Each piece is represented by a player with boffer equipment commensurate with their rank.

Pawns: duct-tape daggers

Rooks: full armor, warhammers?

Knights: swords and shields

Bishops: quarterstaves

Queen: full armor and a polearm or other powerful weapon

King: unarmed (touch attack of death)

These weapon allotments should probably be rebalanced.

Only problem with the game is that you'd need a lot of players for it, as well as a sizable grid so there's room on each square for combat. A lot of the strategy, of course, lies in deciding who gets to be which piece...

Sounds like fun. Would someone let me know if it ever gets played? -- KatieLewis

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