Until she graduated in 2004, Kay was an EngineeringMajor with a humanities concentration in legal studies who lived in East and dodged origami cubes thrown by her roommate/neighbor ArielBarton. She loves weather, went off to GradSchool to study it, and has been gainfully employed as a meteorologist since late 2007.

Frequent partaker of CrackInTheAC as "ElPolloFrio".

BubbleBobble (NES version) is the best video game ever.

Old stuff:

Still has those DuctTape sandals made one hot summer night during the Bridge Program. Played ItrGames, but not nearly often enough. Likes ContactJuggling, but needs practice. A lot of practice.

She also happens to have been born deaf in her left ear, which affects where she can sit in a classroom, finding an open seat at the lunch/dinner table where she can actually hear the conversation, and where to sit/stand on/in/with a couch/room/group. It also means she avoids prolonged exposure to loud noises (or wears earplugs) to protect her remaining hearing. So if she asks you to repeat something, don't be a jackass-- just repeat it. And if you said something to her and she didn't seem to hear it, she probably didn't.

Kay was a Book Monkey as well as Dorm Impulse.

Kay is also an insidious crack dealer. Hey, now, let's get this straight-- pointing the prefrosh towards more crack isn't the same as dealing crack. -Kay


1 Sept 2002: The wildfire in the Angeles National Forest created a really spiffy pyrocumulus cloud above the mountains.

23 Sept 2002: The Williams fire created a few more pyrocumulus clouds in addition to a brilliant display of flaming foothills for several nights.

8 Nov 2002, 9 Nov 2002: It rained for almost 2 consecutive days. That's quite an achievement for Southern California.

25 Nov 2002: A nice big Santa Ana event resulted in very strong winds and a giant dust cloud looming in the West.

30 Nov 2002: A lenticular cloud formed over the mountains visible from Ontario Airport. The cloud was soon torn apart into smaller lenticular clouds which showcased the "flying saucer" image for which these clouds have often been mistaken.

14 Dec 2002: Big and nifty lenticular or orographic cloud formed over the mountains with visible dips in the clouds corresponding the the valleys beneath it.

17 Dec 2002: PROJECT FROSTY PREVAILS ONCE AGAIN! Enough flurries mixed with drizzle to make it clear that they are flurries. Sadly, not nearly as impressive as it was in January.

12 Nov 2003: A real thunderstorm, with lightning and thunder and everything! Some parts of LA got small hail, but Claremont wasn't one of them.


"By the power of linear algebra..." -LauraKanofsky

"Maybe all the studying went to my jeans instead of my brain." -LauraKanofsky

"I can run for my life." -LauraKanofsky

"I have personal objections to wearing a shirt." -LauraKanofsky

"Your mom is uglier than two pi delta of omega minus pi over 1 minus one-half e to the negative j omega." -LauraKanofsky to JoseluisEspinosa

"You're amusing when you're funny." --LauraKanofsky to ArielBarton

"I am the Steph. I speak for the lounge." --StephGrush

"It's amazing what you can get people to drink by saying, 'Here, guess the ingredients. There's 11 of them.'" --EjWu

"Yeah, a whole table of Easties drank the nast just to figure out the last two ingredients. One of them was gravy." --EjWu

   Cal: "You force-push whore."
   Steph: "Yup. That's me. I was the red one."
   Alex: "Really? I was a red one, too." I'm trying to remember this, which is just getting confusing since I've never played JK2
   Cal: "Force-push whores, all of you!"
   Steph: "You were the blue one, though."
   Cal: "Yeah, but I only became one after you became one."
It was at Platt last semester when a bunch of folks were talking about the previous night's crack. Is it possible you were talking about Aliens while they were talking about JK2?

"I think I called it 'little ho'." --ArielBarton

"I'm not drunk. It's not my fault." --ArielBarton

"You hardly know...axonometric geometry?" --LauraKanofsky

"It wasn't even phlegm! These bugs were burning their farts and..." --GeoffRomer on Starship Troopers

"I AM drunk!" --ArielBarton, who forgot to add the "not" in defense of her abilities to stand up straight.

"I never thought I'd say this, but I'm a big fan of BroomBall."

"You're not qualified to be awake." --ArielBarton

At 11 in the evening: "How can you be sleep-depped at eleven-fricking-o'clock in the morning?"

"You're looking at me like I'm from Mars. But I'm from Saturn!" --LauraKanofsky

"It's a good thing you're a math major." --LauraKanofsky

"When you're a hammer, everyone looks like a nail." --StephGrush

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