Roomed with KatyAnderson for freshman and sophomore years... In the same purple room and with the same suitemates O.o and with the same room setup.

Lauren's room is also a bunker for the Resistance (HvZ)

E13: "MattMcDermott wants to make chocolate milk come out of the sprinklers. AricHunter thinks that that’s disgusting—ly delicious!!"

Lauren was a casualty of the coup d'état led by Mentar BryanVisser. Self appointed Emperor Bryan ordered her executed in the early morning of Saturday November 6 when she stated that there was not enough money in the treasury to successfully stage war. CoreyLoescher said she was run, not dead. Then RebeccaThomas shot her with a nerf gun.

12/5/12: "I'm a classy bitch, yo!" (during a conversation with KatyAnderson about dresses)


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