AKA "Sweetheart"

This page is more boring than it should be. You should add things to it. Yes, you.

An Alumn from the class of '11 (MathMajor) who hung out at East on a regular basis but never actually lived there. After the truly traumatic event that was graduation, he took a job at Microsoft and moved up to RainyLand?.

As it turns out, he's actually been lying to all of you; his real name is DonaldWiyninger?, but that name is less fun. Also, it turns out my name is an anagram of Wily Engineer. Interpret that how you will.

Is known to play piano and also write stories on occasion, although I'm rather out of practice on both of those things. Also known to change person midway through the sentence.

Also, I ship Felix and Jenna. Yep.


There are also some others, I think. Feel free to add yourself.


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