Describe LegendOfMana here.(Excuse-me if my english is incorrect) LegendOfMana is the more beautiful game of the world. Characters, story, weapons... well, LegendOfMana is "THE" game of the New Millenium. The only problem is that french people don't want to translate LegendOfMana in french. I just hope they will translate this exceptional game...
    Thanks to offer me the possibility express myself  -Ach-

By name, this is another game in the Seiken Densetsu series (including FinalFantasyAdventure? for the gameboy and SecretOfMana and SeikenDensetsuThree for the SNES). However, in terms of gameplay it is very different...

LegendOfMana doesn't have depth of plot; the game can probably be finished in under five hours. It does, however, have breadth of plot -- the game comprises 60+ mini-quests, each involving a small number of the game's many characters. Depth of gameplay is instead provided by the various "systems" in the game, from the map-building system (enemy difficulty, among other things, is dependent on where and when each land is placed) to the golem workshop to the blacksmith shop (there's at least 200k of written FAQ on this topic alone, and the assorted authors *still* don't know how everything works).

On the down side, the game's difficulty (in terms of combat, anyhow) really isn't up to even the FinalFantasyEight level; as TimBuchheim mentioned, on first play-through most of the combat can be won by hitting buttons randomly. The game does have two harder difficulties, Nightmare and No Future, but these are only available after the game has been completed once (and thus a typical character is already level 50-60, if not higher).

It is also very pretty--most everything in the game is hand-drawn...

(If someone else would like to reorganize my rambling, feel free)

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